If an event is not listed on Nations Baseball then it is not a sanctioned event

(Teams must meet the following requirements) 

Registered with Nations Baseball
(Register:  Login at www.nations-baseball.com - go to the Team/Team Admin Link to complete your registration)

Team Insurance that includes secondary Medical Coverage (Nations Insured teams are Compliant)
Teams with other coverage: You must upload at Team Admin your teams insurance certificate and an additional insured certificate naming Nations Baseball Tournament Association.

All players participating in a sanctioned event MUST BE ENTERED online using birth names and correct birth dates.


Birth Certificates can either be uploaded to your PLAYER ADMIN or teams can choose to carry copies with them to each event.



If you are interested in other events outside of Virginia, visit our national site:  Click Here


Start Date Event Name Event Type Class - Age (Teams Entered) Location Director
03/01/18 757 Baseball League League
Open Division: 9U (5) 10U (5) 13U (0) 14U (4)
Norfolk, VA James Thoms
06/16/18 Virginia State Championship Qualifier
Kid Pitch Division: 8U (5)
Open Division: 9U (6) 10U (9) 11U (14) 12U (15) 13U (4) 14U (12) 15U (9)
Chesapeake, VA James Thoms
06/17/18 Diamond Duel One Day Fathers Day Qualifier
Select Division: 11U (3)
Chester, VA Derek Flanagan
06/22/18 East Coast Challenge Qualifier
Select Division: 18U (3)
Elite Division: 13U (8)
Open Division: 11U (0) 15U (5)
Colonial Heights, VA Derek Flanagan
06/29/18 Virginia Select State Championship Qualifier
Select Division: 9U (1) 10U (0) 11U (4) 12U (1) 13U (1) 14U (6) 15U (2)
Coach Pitch Division: 8U (1)
Kid Pitch Division: 8U (1)
Colonial Heights, VA Derek Flanagan
07/14/18 2018 South Beach Summer Finale Qualifier
Open Division: 9U (1) 10U (10) 11U (7) 12U (6) 13U (3) 14U (5) 15U (1)
Chesapeake, VA James Thoms